About Us

Dodgen Industries was borne out immense personal growth phases and constant learning.
By refusing to do “the same-old-same-old”, and by being willing to re-engineer ourselves, we’ve streamlined our efforts, to promote, sell and service themost cutting edge and technologically advanced medical diagnostic systems, to the private medical sector, universities & government clinics + hospitals.
If you started a private practice in South Africa after 1993, or just upgraded your practice with new diagnostic systems, you’ve probably dealt with Meditend Import House,
and subsequently therefore, our MD, Mr. Eldrid Dodgen.
Whether you are in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, or
from Kimberley, Newcastle to Polokwane  – then you know Eldrid Dodgen

Dodgen Industries (Pty) Ltd.

(circa 2015)
same service / same expertise / same knowledge-base …
more amazing technology


Eldrid Dodgen

Medical sales / business Coach

From being the first Sales Rep FOR MEDITEND  in 1993, to subsequently starting new branches in KzN and Gauteng, he has gone full circle and had the privilege of meeting and working alongside some really amazing Professors, Doctors and Nurses (in government hospitals, private practice & OHS).

Since 2011, he went on to join large corporate companies (i.e.Wasteplan Pty Ltd and Bidvest Laundry Group) serving as General Manager and reporting directly, at Executive level, to the Board of Directors at both companies.

As a qualified Project Manager, he is well versed and highly experienced, in diagnostic medical systems,  Business Management, SETA- accredited Training, Mentoring &  Business Coaching, as well as Human Resources, ISO-14001, ISO-18001, ISO-22001.

Astrid Rhoda


Since completing her BSc Degree at University of Stellenbosch, she joined Absa bank where she progressed through various departments and specialised in Business Banking (Enterprise- & Corporate Divisions).

With 20 years experience of dealing with people, ideas & concepts, she has a wealth of knowledge of the intricate banking systems and business protocols.

Add this experience to her Stellenbosch University Launchlab Entrepreneurship Programme, SETA accredited Training and Facilitator credentials, and we have a definitive asset in our organisation.